The Boring Initiative

What would happen if we decentralised everything? Commerce, food, water, energy, housing? Well, if the governments are moralistic rather than totalitarian, we will see a reduction in wastage. From the bureaucratic wastage of taxed income to the containment and distribution of energy, to the security of produce, water and even housing. Decentralisation is the key to forming a competitive sector to traditional nodes of all sectors. Such a methodology produces an extremely efficient underlying consensus.
Fiat commerce should be properly challenged. Mainstream power grids should be properly challenged. All forms of imposed infrastructure should be challenged through efficiency. Monopolisation is the cruel mistress that beats the silent drum of tax imposed totalitarianism.
In a growing globalised economic system, we require freedom to interact as individuals. Balancing powerful structures is possible and requisite. Balance usually means push meeting push, pull meeting pull.
Boring resources are the missing pieces of the puzzle regarding a sustainable market that’s adapted to cryptocurrency adoption.
Since they’re essential and also extremely boring to think about, we’re here to help.
The Boring Initiative is about vertical cross integration between all stages of production and across all areas of consumerism. Unless we can utilise cryptocurrency for everything, we can’t foresee a future with sustainable cryptocurrency adoption. We’re starting with powering your home for a cryptocurrency of our choosing.